Eva Longoria happy handsome “gentleman”

The 41-year-old American, Eva Longoria, happily holds her husband’s hand, Jose Bastón, when they walk in Miami. They look like a teenage couple.


The famous actress is taking a break and relaxing with her husband, a 48-year-old communications magnate, in Miami after winning a prize. Eva’s training area and show off the body toned, neat.


On January 18, Eva received the award for inspiring and passionate people who work in the entertainment industry.


The beautiful brown-haired actress has been casted for the last few years and has paid attention to the behind-the-scenes work. She has produced and directed 25 different projects.


Currently, she is working on a British short film project called “Decline and Fall”. It is expected that the movie will air in late 2017.


Eva Longoria and Jose Bastón got married in Mexico in May 2016 after a date. Jose is Eva’s third husband and she calls him Pepe. Sharing with the media, Eva once said that Jose was the man who loved her most sincerely and she found a sense of security when he was with him.


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